Provably Fair?

Our Provably Fair system allows players to determine mathematically that they have not been cheated. It's always available in our games by hitting the F key, or by clicking the Provably Fair menu option.

Initial State:We generate the starting state (e.g. the shuffled deck) for the next game before you play. We take this information, add a large random number, and then hash it with SHA-256. We show you this hash before you bet.

Client Seed:When you then submit a bet, you also send in a "client seed" – this can be a number you choose, or a random number generated by your browser. The important part is that we don't control it.

Cards:We take the client seed modulo 52, and use that to cut the deck – the same deck whose hash we already showed you. For instance, if your client seed was 1234, we would cut the deck at the 38th card (1234 = 23 * 52 + 38).

Slots:We break the client seed into bytes and add the values (mod stops) to the starting reel positions. If the reels have 16 stops, and your starting positions were [1,1,1], then your client seed of 1234 (0x0004D2 in hex) would lead to offsets of [0,4,2], and thus to final positions [1,5,3].

Stack5:We take 50 L's and 50 R's (Lefts and Rights), and shuffle them like a deck of cards. We then use the client seed (modulo 100) to cut the deck. The first 8 L's and R's control the direction the coin falls at each pin.

Verification:When a play finishes we reveal the starting state, so you can independently hash it and verify that it matches what we showed you before you had bet. We also clearly indicate what your client seed was, and how it changed the starting state.